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11 Questions About Your Website You Should Ask Yourself Today

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We all want to do our best and provide a great service or product to our clients. Or maybe you are a blogger and you want that your readers have fun reading your blog. Or you want to provide them some new and radical information which will improve their lives. One is clear. You want to have a  website which builds a relationship with your visitors and reach people who would benefit from what you do. More people you can reach, the more good you can do in the world. But is it easy for your audience to find you? If they come to your website, do they stay? Are they engaged? Do you stay in touch with them?

Nowadays there is high competition in the virtual field. So, your website should be easily findable by your audience and it should motivate it to action. But how to do that? There are 101 different strategies, but to have a general overview you can answer these ten question to have a gist of how your website stands.

The first set of question is about your visitors – your customers or your audience. They are most important because they are the reason why you have a website – to connect with them, to tell them about your service, blog, or product.

1. Does your website engage your visitors or customers?

The crucial question. Do your visitors stumble upon your site and then move on? Or do they stay, read your content, leave you an email address or buy your product? Do they return?

2. Is your website easy to find on the internet?

Even great products or content have to be first discovered. There ranking of your page is crucial. Where your visitors come from? Do they find you in the search results or are other pages recommending you?

3. Can your visitors find what they are looking for at a glance?

The time is scarce and people don’t want to wait. Clicking through the website and not finding what one is looking for is a frustrating experience. Therefore, it’s crucial to have the design right and present the most searched information in a way everyone can find them easily.

4. Does your website lead your visitors to an action?

Great websites motivate visitors to the desired action. From the beginning, it should be clear what the goal of the actual webpage is. What you want them to do? Download the catalog, visit your portfolio, sign up for a newsletter or contact you? Make it clear and lead your audience.

5. Is it easy to contact you?

At the end of the day, it’s about contacts. Can people get in touch with you or your company easily? Your website should make it easy as a pie. Great contact pages make a difference. It can be one of the most visited pages of your website. So make sure you paid it attention.

6. Do you stay in touch with your visitors

They come, read your website. Do they return? Do you nurture the relationship with them? Make your visitors your fans and your allies. Give them a reason to come back, let them get to know you. Give them a reason to love you.

Now, there is a lot of technical details which a great website should have correct. But this is the job of your web designer. Still, you can ask these two vital questions:

7. Do your visitors have a perfect experience on all different devices

Today it’s a must. Roughly half of the traffic comes from mobile devices. The great experience on smartphones, tablets, and computers is essential. So make that right.

8. Does the design meet the latest standards – is it “in”?

The latest design is not just about being “trendy”. It’s also about how people react to your website. If they find it nice or rather old and poorly maintained. Visitors learn to navigate in the actual design which is in trend and they expect to find information on certain places. Other pages which they visit shape their expectations about your website. The design is not just about fonts, shapes, and colors but about how easy it is for your visitors to find what they are looking for and motivate them to action which you would like.

9. Do you communicate trust?

To read your blog and benefit from the information, buy your service or product, your visitors have to trust you. So it’s good to have a look on your website through their eyes and ask these questions: What kind of proofs do your customers find on your website? How do you build trust? Are there references from your previous clients? Or maybe the list of well know companies which cooperated with you? Is it clear where from comes your expertise in the field? It should be clear from the first site, that you are resourceful and able to help them with what they are looking for.

10. Are your photos and information up to date?

To convey your competence as an expert all your information and photos should be up to date. Making a great first impression is vital, so keep your website modern with a recent data.

11. Are you happy with your website, does it feel right?

Being trustworthy and authentic. Easy said but not so easily done. This doesn’t mean you should dismiss all the advises or strategies which work. But make them yours. Find a way which works for both, your audience and you.

I could go on and on. The sea of potential question is wide and deep. But I find these to be most important to start with. What do you think? What are to most crucial question for your niche? I would love to hear about them in the comments.

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